We are a team of enthusiastic Big Kids with a love for football.

Our Journey started when one of our Chief Designers Seth, aged 4 wanted a Football Related Action Figure. Unfortunately we tried our utmost to find a product that Seth was describing and to our endeavors failed.

FOOTBALL ROBOTICS decided to design and manufacture Team Robot Action Figures for all football fans. We believe that supporting your football club is about experience, creating memories and being part of a supporters family.

The Team Robot Action Figure encompasses the love for a team in a Toy. It is Classic and Cool in Design for Little and BIG Kids to adore. We believe that toys should take on the role of the owners imagination. Whether that's running around scoring goals or a classic Goal celebration. Clubs are for life and the Team Robot is the perfect inspiration a little supporter needs, to start them on their way.



The Action Figure is the best addition to any supporters treasure trove of Licensed Sports Memorabilia. We believe that all fans, young and old deserve the right to support and promote their club. We have a talented team that make that their ambition.